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Air To Water Spa Hotels Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Inverter swimming pool heat pump is featured with intelligence, whisper quiet operation and energy efficiency, which can be powerful in performance and green in energy.
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  • JNOD

JNOD new energy Air To Water Spa Hotels Swimming Pool Heat Pump.

Spa Swimming Pool Heat Pump

* High Efficiency

The frosting possibility decrease due to the hydrophilic coating. The titanium tube with internal thread in heat exchanger will cause turbulence, when the refrigerant is flowing through. This results in excellent high efficiency.

Air To Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

*Quiet Operation

It can run amazingly quietly of 20dB(A) in sleep mode.

Hotels Swimming Pool Heat Pump

*R410A/R32 Refrigerant Available

JNOD inverter heat pump use environmental friendly refrigerant. Which means, it will cause less environmental pollution.

Systems Swimming Pool Heat Pump

* Fast Heating

Inverter pool heat pumps adopt the brushless DC fan motor and inverter compressors. Therefore, it can smartly adjust their speed, according to the temperature of air and water temperatures. So it enbles the inveter heat pumps to heat the pool quickly.

Hotels Air To Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

* Constant Water Temperature

Commercial Residential Swimming Pool Heat Pump

* Heating & Cooling

Inverter swimming pool heat pump provide both heating and cooling mode, because of using 4-way valve. Therefore, it create more usage possibility for pool.

Dc Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

*Product Parameters

Systems Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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