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Anti-freeze function of JNOD's heat pump

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Generally, people use air-source heat pumps for heating in winter. In some places where the outdoor ambient temperature is low, customers usually ask the question, how effective is the air source heat pump in preventing freezing? JNOD will answer these questions based on the JM Series R32 heating&cooling heat pump.

Here are some measures that can be taken to increase the effectiveness of freeze protection.

1. In the event of power off or a long period of inactivity, it is usually necessary for the user to drain the water pipes.

2. The heating&cooling heat pump, on standby, is protected against freezing and is automatically activated depending on the ambient temperature and the water temperature. In standby mode, the primary anti-freeze is to turn on the water pump and let the water circulate, if the temperature is lower, it enters the secondary anti-freeze and automatically turns on the heating mode.

Heat Pump’s anti-freeze program in a Power-Off situation

    - When the ambient temperature is <2℃ and the water outlet temperature is <12℃ degree, enter the first level of anti-freeze protection, and the pump runs; when the ambient temperature is>4℃, exit the first level of anti-freeze protection.

- When the ambient temperature is <2℃ and the outlet water temperature is <4℃, it enters the second level of anti-freeze protection and automatically turns on the heating.

- Exit the secondary anti-freeze protection when the ambient temperature is >4°C or the outlet water temperature is >15°C.

- The display of the corresponding fault code by the line controller upon entry into the anti-freeze.

3. The customer has the option to add antifreeze (glycol) to the water to lower the freezing point.

For JNOD's JM range of heat pumps, customers can choose a combination of heat pump + hydronic box, where the two are connected via a water circuit, with the heat pump outdoor and the hydronic box indoor. 

The hydronic box is a collection of some accessories, including an electric three-way valve (for switching hot water to the domestic hot water tank or the buffer tank on the heating side), electric heating on the heating side, DC water pump, and other components. The water pump is one of the more weather-prone and freeze-prone accessories, so placing it indoors in the hydronic box provides better protection against freezing. At the same time, with such a collection, the installation difficulty and cost will reduce a lot.

If you would like to know more about heat pumps or would like to enquire about JM series heat pumps, please contact us.

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