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Are heat pump water heaters worth the cost?

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Are heat pump water heaters worth the cost?

As heat pumps are more and more popular in the market, people want to know if it's worthy to use it.

heat pump with solar power

Of course Yes! Heat pump water heaters are worth the cost.

More Efficient

high efficient heat pump

Heat pumps are significantly more energy efficient than normal electric or gas hot water heaters because instead of using energy to generate new heat, they collect existing ambient warmth and transfer it to the water. This efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year.

Tax Incentives and Rebates


With tax incentives and state-sponsored sales rebates, energy efficient heat pump water heaters can actually be a more affordable choice than most homeowners would expect. Though the upfront cost is high, most homeowners pay back heat pump water heaters within the first or second year alone. And heat pump water heaters are long-lasting –  a good, well-maintained heater can last between ten to fifteen years.

Environmentally Friendly

R32 environment heat pump

Because heat pumps are more energy efficient than conventional hot water heaters, they do not use as much electricity and/or natural gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, it estimates that if all residential water heaters were replaced with heat pump water heaters, there would be up to 140 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions are saved annually.

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