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Does heat pump consume electricity a lot?

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Does heat pump consume electricity a lot?

Does heat pump consume electricity a lot ?

The answer to this question is of great concern to consumers and JNOD's answer is that air source heat pumps are a very energy efficient new energy heating device, compared to other electric heating devices on the market.

Heat pumps require some electricity to operate, but the amount is relatively small. 

The air source heat pump type works by using a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor to run and put the whole heat pump system into operation.


Heat is continuously absorbed from the air through the evaporator. 

Finally the heat absorbed and the heat generated by the electricity consumed is transferred to the water through the condenser.

We usually measure the efficiency of a heat pump in terms of COP. 

This unit is determined by measuring the energy input (in this case, electricity) and the energy output (heat). 

A heat pump with a CoP of 3 can produce 3 kW of heat from every 1 kW of electricity. 

Modern heat pump systems can transfer three to four times more heat energy in the form of heat than they consume in electrical energy to do this job. 

Other electric heating products such as the boiler, which has a COP = 1, mean that as much electricity as you want to produce heat is consumed. 

So choose a product with a COP greater than 1 (JNOD's heat pump) and you'll save on your energy bills!

Furthermore, JNOD's heating and cooling heat pump has Inverter EVI technology, which will allow the heat pump to adjust its operating power according to the ambient temperature, which will be even better.

There are many different factors will influence on your heat pump's electricity consumption, for example lifestyle, size of heat pump, heating space size,etc. 

Don't hesitate to contact JNOD for further advice and discussion on heat pump.

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