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How To Find The Best Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater ?

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How To Find The Best Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater ?

With the soaring price of gas and the emphasis on environmental protection in many countries around the world, heat pumps are becoming more and more important and popular among consumers and manufacturers. In the last 2 years, many various kinds of heat pumps have appeared on the market. In this article, we will teach you how to choose a good hybrid hot water heat pump, also called all in one heat pump water heater.

all in one heat pump

For a hot water heat pump, the water tank is very important, both the outcase and the interior are very important.

* Internal

At this point, we would recommend our customers to choose a hot water heat pump with an enameled water tank for the following reasons.

A. Good thermal insulation: Take JNOD's all in one heat pump with enameled tank as an example. After testing, when the water in the tank is boiled to the set temperature and then power off, the water in the tank will only have a temperature drop of 5-8 degrees Celsius after 24 hours. Such a hybrid heat pump is your wise choice.


B. Strong corrosion resistance: In areas with bad water quality, there are more impurities in the water. If you use the general iron water tank, the welding joints inside are prone to chemical reaction with impurities, which leads to the problem of water leakage.

* Outcase

Here we recommend that consumers choose galvanized steel plate as the shell material. There are businesses in the market will choose color plate. The service life of the color plate is very short, only 1-2 years. A long time inside the box exposed will also lead to water leakage problems in the tank.


Expect these suggestions will let you choose a better heat pump! Feel free to contact JNOD with any questions! Link:

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