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JNOD swimming pool heat pump

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JNOD swimming pool heat pump

A swimming pool heat pump works to keep a constant pool temperature and extend the swimming season. According to Arizton’s report, the pool heat pump market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% during 2019−2025.


JNOD has our swimming pool heat pump to meet the market request.

For the swimming pool heat pump,we have the:

Residential on/off swimming pool heat pump,we can make the heating capacity from 3KW to 25kw.

Residential inverter swimming pool heat pump,we can make the heating capacity from 5kw to 28kw.

We can have the R32 and R410A model,we can make both plastic and metal out case.

It’s with 4 ways valve,provide both heating and cooling mode to create more possibility for pool enjoyment.The high performance, energy-efficient pool heat pump quietly and economically allows you to swim comfortably throughout the year!

Some customers may ask what’s the different between Residential on/off and inverter swimming pool heat pump.

It is very similar to the concept of air conditioning inverter technology.


On/Off is defined as “all or nothing “,the input power or the heating capacity keeps the same.

For the inverter system ,Unlike ON/OFF heat pump with single-speed compressor which by switching on and off periodically to adjust the performance of the heating & cooling, full inverter heat pump uses a variable speed compressor which can automatically adjust the output needed at the lowest consumption of power and maintain the best temperature at different climatic conditions. When the heating demand is high, the inverter compressor and the fan motor will start running at a high speed, inversely, they will run at a low speed.


The advantages included:

1.Achieve an extremely high COP.

2.Shorten heating time.

3.Greatly save energy and cut down electricity bill.

4.Contribute to a quiet neighbor environment.

Some customer told me,their swimming pool is not very big.

Here come a mini swimming pool heat pump will be suitable for you.

We have both 3KW and 5KW heating capacity model.

The mini heat pump is designed for above-ground pools.It’s light and easy to install,can be portable every where.Equipped with a plug & play power connection.

Besides the Residential swimming pool heat pump model,we also have the commercial swimming pool heat pump with full inverter technology meets your comfort needs coupled with energy-efficient operation, which is applied in commercial settings, including water parks, hotels, gyms, and so on.


OEM and ODM project are acceptable.Just contact JNOD sales team to get more information.

Focusing on heat pump& electric boiler R&D, manufacturing and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions.
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