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Outdoor Hotel New Energy Heat Pump Water Heater

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  • Power Supply:220V-240V~/50Hz
  • Operating Air Temp.:-7~43ºC
  • Max.Outlet Water Temp:60ºC
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Heating Capacity:4.1Kw
  • Power Input:1.05Kw
  • Cop:3.9
  • Max Power Input:1.738Kw
  • Max Running Current:7.9A
  • Hot Water Volume:88L/H
  • Water Flow:0.705M³/H
  • J40HW410F

  • JNOD


JNOD new energy Outdoor Hotel New Energy Heat Pump Water Heater.

New Energy Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

* Wide Application

Split heat pump water heater can perfectly work with existing heat sources, such as solar system. Air source heat pump will automatically switch on once solar system is not  hot enough in heating.

New Energy Hotel Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

*It can match with external water tank or buffer tank of different volume, such as 150 Litres, 200 Litres and so on.

Outdoor Heat Pump Water Heater

*It can operate to provide domestic hot water for families at -7℃ ambient temperature.

Hotel Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

* Key Component

*High/Low Pressure Switch

Compressor inlet gas high/low pressure switch,protect compreesor at over high/low pressure condition.


Different sensors to make sure the control accuracy. Multiple protections are adopted to make sure the heat pump is running safer. Smart controller enable customer control the heat pump easily.

*Water Pump

Adopted world famous brand water pump. Three different selections of water flow speed, flexible and convenient.

*Abs Fan Blade

It's anti-corrosion and applicable with cold weather.

Hotel Outdoor Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

*COP Diagram


*product parameters

New Energy Hotel Outdoor Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Focusing on heat pump& electric boiler R&D, manufacturing and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions.
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