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  • Monobloc vs Split Air Source Heat Pumps Which is Best
    If you're thinking of getting a new air source heat pump, one of the things you will need to consider is what type of heat pump suits your property best, a monobloc or a split unit.What is a monobloc air source heat pump?A monobloc air source heat pump comes in one single outdoor unit.
    2022 12-10
  • What is an air source heat pump?
    Air source heat pumps are a relatively new technology that can be used to heat your property in a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient way. As they use the ambient air outside of the property as their heat source, there is no need for a gas supply. This makes them a suitable heating so
    2022 12-10
  • Air to Water Heat Pumps vs Air to Air Which is Best
    There are 2 different ways an air source heat pump can provide heat in your home: by heating the air in the rooms or by heating the water in the central heating system, but which option is best for your home? We've compared these different heat pumps, to help you find out.
    2022 12-10
  • How to choose a swimming pool heat pump?
    How to choose a swimming pool heat pump? JNOD are selling R32 inverter swimming pool heat pump, its heating capacity ranges from 5.5-32Kw. So, it will be a problem for user or wholesaler to choose the suitable heating capacity for different pool sizes. Let us show you 2 methods to choose the suitabl
    2022 11-30
  • Does heat pump consume electricity a lot?
    Does heat pump consume electricity a lot ?The answer to this question is of great concern to consumers and JNOD's answer is that air source heat pumps are a very energy efficient new energy heating device, compared to other electric heating devices on the market.Heat pumps require some electricity t
    2022 11-17
  • Is the Swimming Pool Heat Pump safe to use?
    Compared with the traditional swimming pool heating method, the biggest advantage of Swimming Pool Heat Pump is that it can effectively improve the heating speed and constant temperature of the swimming pool, making the swimming pool water heating safer, more energy-saving and faster, so as to meet the different heating temperature requirements of the swimming pool.
    2022 08-18
  • What changes can Heating and Cooling Heat Pump bring to consumers' lives?
    The iterative upgrade of technology has brought more possibilities and greater imagination to the swimming pool equipment industry. This is the case with the application of air energy technology. With the continuous advancement of the dual-carbon strategy, the emergence of Heating and Cooling Heat Pump not only refreshes people's experience, but also redefines the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.
    2022 08-15
  • What are the structural advantages of the Heating and Cooling Heat Pump?
    Heating and Cooling Heat Pump installs a four-way reversing valve on the basis of ordinary air conditioners, and changes the operation of the valve, which can exchange the functions of the evaporator and the condenser of the original air conditioner, so as to change the function of cooling indoor air. Changed to the function of heating indoor air.
    2022 08-11
  • What are the similarities and differences between Heating and Cooling Heat Pump and solar water heaters?
    Under normal circumstances, when the average temperature is -5°C, the Heating and Cooling Heat Pump can generate more than three times the amount of heat per kWh of electricity consumed, and the energy saving efficiency is as high as 75% compared to the direct conversion of electrical energy into heat; when the average temperature is - At 15°C, 1 kWh of electricity consumption can generate more than twice the heat; even at -25°C, the Heating and Cooling Heat Pump can normally provide heat for the room.
    2022 08-08
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