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What is the advance in the Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

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What is the advance in the Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump is mainly used in constant temperature swimming pools, hot springs, saunas, foot baths, bathhouses, private villas and other constant temperature heating pools. It operates fully automatically, and its modular design is suitable for applications in various functions.

What is the advance in the Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Why choose Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

How should the heating capacity of the Swimming Pool Heat Pump be obtained?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

What are the advantages of Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump has the characteristics of multi-function, energy saving and consumption reduction. The Swimming Pool Heat Pump in the swimming pool can not only recover the heat lost from the evaporation of the pool water through the constant temperature dehumidification heat pump during the dehumidification and air conditioning operation, but also reuse this part of the free heat to heat the pool water and air to make up for the pool water and air. The heat loss of the indoor swimming pool can be achieved to achieve the purpose of energy saving and cost reduction in the indoor swimming pool. There is also optional plasma sterilization and purification device to purify the air in an all-round way to create a fresh, clean and healthy indoor air environment.

Why choose Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump only requires the user to set parameters such as space target temperature, pool target water temperature, space target humidity, and space carbon dioxide target concentration, and then select the automatic mode. With the priority level set by the program, the automatic operation meet all the requirements required by the user. Swimming Pool Heat Pump has stable operation, safety and environmental protection, and the average cost saving is 40%~60%, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Swimming Pool Heat Pump is suitable for large swimming pools, such as gymnasiums, athlete training halls, water entertainment and leisure places, etc. The three-in-one heat pump cabinet type is suitable for new and renovated indoor swimming pool projects such as private swimming pools, senior club swimming pools, hotels, etc.

How should the heating capacity of the Swimming Pool Heat Pump be obtained?

1. The basic situation of the swimming pool (area, water depth, indoor or outdoor, and the following will take indoor as an example)

2. The temperature of the place (initial water temperature, wind speed on the water surface of the pool, local atmospheric pressure, etc.)

3. Set the target temperature for heating (26℃~28℃)

4. The heat loss caused during the heat transfer process includes: the heat lost by evaporation on the surface of the pool water, the heat lost by conduction from the pool wall and the bottom of the pool, and the heat lost by pipes and equipment.

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