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The function of the buffer tank

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As a part of the heat pump heating safety system, the buffer tank has the function of decompression and protection for the heat pump in operation. If the buffer tank is not added, it is likely to cause the frequent start of the unit. When the control flow is small, the unit is also easy to produce an alarm, and the insufficient water flow will bring a lot of problems. Therefore, in the process of the operation of the second joint supply system, the matching of the buffer tank is very important, which is a standard accessory.

 Under standard working conditions, the start and stop times of the heat pump (that is, the number of compressor starting times) is an important parameter to measure the service life of the heat pump, similar to the service life of the home lighting switch and the number of open and off related. Increasing the buffer tank is equivalent to the increase of energy storage of the system, the system temperature change is stable, the start and stop times of the heat pump is naturally reduced, and the service life is extended.

 In addition to the above advantages, what are the unique functions of the buffer tank?


 Water for the power components in the water system


The bottom outlet of the buffer tank is connected to the suction port of the pump. The water entering the suction inlet is not containing gas (the gas cannot come down in the upper part of the tank), and the gas erosion phenomenon of the pump impeller will be greatly reduced. The inhaled water is pure water, and the water recycled by the pump will naturally push the gas in the system to the outlet of the system, and then enter the upper inlet of the buffer tank. The gas brought by the water from the system will be forced out by the exhaust valve at the top of the tank, and then become a virtuous cycle. Without the buffer tank system, the pump absorbs the water containing gas, and the impeller will break the gas into the system, resulting in the gas in the system everywhere, and the exhaust is more difficult. Cause the flow switch of the pump often alarm, constantly start and stop, greatly increasing the difficulty of debugging.


 Avoid the heat pump unit for high-voltage protection

The water for entering the heat pump board is pure (containing no gas) water, which can better exchange energy and increase the heat transfer efficiency.


 Debug is easier, and the end effect is faster

When half the water in the system, debugging can begin. The water flowing into the heat pump and the water pump is pure and without gas, and the heat will be quickly transported to the end, and the debugging time is greatly reduced. No buffer tank debugging a villa, no three to four hours can not end, because the water contains too much gas, the flow switch often alarm, the heat pump heat exchange is not enough to be high pressure protection, the air disc gas block, the effect is not obvious. Let the debugging time is greatly extended. In the machine room system with a buffer tank, the debugging work can generally be completed in one to two hours.


 The system discharges more thoroughly to prevent the system blockage

The impurities in the pipeline are in continuous circulation, because after a vertical large capacity tank, many impurities will accumulate at the bottom of the buffer tank, and the water quality through the Y-type filter is much better, thus reducing the number of cleaning the filter. The sewage outlet of the buffer tank is set at the bottom of the tank and equipped with manual discharge valve, which is more convenient to clean.


 Winter heating, the system runs more stable

Small air-cooled heat pump is used in severe winter, after adding the buffer tank, when the heat pump defrosting, the water stored at a certain temperature in the water tank can meet the end cycle, completely avoid the fluctuation of indoor temperature when the heat pump defrosting.


 After the boot, the use of the effect to the faster

Because after the first boot, the last cooling or heat will be stored in the buffer tank, the insulation standard of the buffer tank is consistent with the standard of the hot water tank (24 hours ± 3℃), so in the next use, the effect will naturally come faster. Take an example in life: one hour before the work off the heat pump, only rely on the energy of the buffer tank, through the pump circulation, can fully meet us to work.

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